About Referrals

How do you see referrals?

I see referrals as a normal way of life that is been practice when we have interaction with friends and family. Without you even noticing it. You have referred about a dozen times some kind of product, practice, experiences, occupations. May be about a person without your intention of the thought of a referral. You tell your friend about the yoga class that you visit in the morning. Let’s refer to the sentence that you said. “I did yoga this morning at the yoga palace on the corner of 3rd street and Bond Avenue. Julia the instructor specialized in the ancient yoga art form” That is referrals to the practice of yoga and the name of the place and the location where the place is.  In these sentences you referred to four subjects without you notice it. The name of the business, location of the business, Julia the instructor and the form of yoga.

About Referrals

Why the need for a website about references?

Referrals in the walk of life are applicable to any subject thinkable. A person see referrals as an uncomfortable question that a salesperson ask from his client to generate business. Let’s call referrals another word like mentioned or conversation. Yes, if you mentioned a product that you use or talk about your personal manicure technician with whom you are very satisfied. You refer people and business during the day when you talk too your friends. When a friend that visit you from another town is in need of a dentist or doctor. You would without a doubt refer the person that you use or one that another friend mentioned to you. The normal talk during the day is loaded with referrals. Just to mention somebody, product or business is a form of referrals.

What is the motivation behind referrals?

The motivation behind referrals is to get sales people and businesses to focus on the relationship with their clients. A happy satisfied client will tend to provide you with the referrals that you need. They would see you as a friend and not an outsider who is only focused on money. The moment you start to have a friendship relationship or a caring attitude then the clients would go out of their way to provide you with the names and contact information of their friends and family.

It is the nature of people to be of value to their friends and family and would like to share thing that they have a good experience with. If your service and interaction with you clients is of a caring nature you can be sure that they would go out of their way to support you. This type of client is worth more than your marketing budget because they would be your walking bill board where ever thy go.

Are referrals of any value?

Yes by far. It is about 50 present of our conversations that we have. Referrals are loaded in our day to day conversations. There is no need for businesses and sales people to see referrals as a thread because if they have an open stress free conversation with their clients they can harvest a ton of information from the client with how they talking with. If your service and interaction with your clients is that of a caring nature that clients will tell those whom they get in contact with. People would rather make use of a business or person whom their friends promote than any other means. People have the inherent desire to follow the advice from friends and the people they associated with.   A referral from a friend or associate is a direct lead to your business without you’re even known it.  People will only refer you if they trust you and see you as a friend or associate rather than a business.  People will stick to you even if you move from one business to another.

From the perspective of the client is that they do not see themselves buying from a business but from a person and if you are trusted by them they will be loyal to you.

Where do you say is references applicable?

If your service and interaction with your client is not of a caring nature then the opportunity that you would get any referrals from the client. They would postpone the action to provide you with any referrals. They would think of any excuse possible because it is their reputation that is on the line. The client values their friendship to their friends and family high and if your service is poor then they will not cooperate in any way. The client will then view you as a cheat and a person that only want money. In their subconscious they will brand you as a dishonest.

When do you ask for referrals?

There is a vast difference of opinions when to ask for referrals. In my view to ask for referrals you must first comply with some topics. First is the service that you provide. Is it of a high standard and do the client having a satisfied experience. It all originates from the perspective of the client. You as the sales person are responsible for the outcome of the way the client will assist you.
At the end of the day it is all about getting money or business. Every body wants money.