Become a referral agent

Start earning money by become a referral agent with referrals.
You start earning extra money with actually no work done!
Earn quick and easy money with the minimum effort.
We talking about R 100.00 up to R 5000.00 for two minutes of work.
That is the time it would take you to send an sms, whatsapp, email, phone call or even a miss call because that is the way we operate.
The amount that you can get is set out in the terms and conditions.

What must I do to earn money?

Do you know of a person or business that wants a property, high value assets, vehicles they would like to buy?
Knowing a person or business that wants  to get a property, high value assets or vehicles they would like to lease or rent?
All you have to is to get the referral information to us and earn money.
We want to know who you are, name, contact number and town you live in because we must be able to contact you for the payment of the referral fee.
We want to know the referred persons name, contact number and what he/she is looking for.

Referral Agent requirements.

How to become a referral agent.
No money needed.
No member fees.
No skills needed.
No training Needed.


Become a referral agent

Become a referral agent

Your Information

What do the person want to buy, rent or lease?

Referral Information

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