buying of referral items

buying of referral items

Are water treatment systems also part of the buying of referral items?

Yes water treatment systems forms part of the referable items that you can send to us. The treatment of groundwater is complicated and needs special knowledge about the treatment processes. Groundwater has a lasting effect on your health if you don’t treat it the correct way. Every borehole or water source water sample is different. That is why we add it to this section.

The Referral Items could be anything from vehicles, property, business, loose assist, work that must be done like construction of tree felling, irrigation, cupboards, granite tops, lofts and wooden decks, vehicle security, property security, solar power, any water treatment or website development just a few mentioned.
Everything that is of high value could be referred to us. If we didn’t have a contact business that specialized in that field we would go out of our way to get a business that specialized in that field.
We would not take the first business that we come across but will first do a thorough check on their existing clients.
We would also visit the website to look for reviews on that business.

Will I get a referral fee for any referral that I send?

There is no reason that you wouldn’t get a fee but there is one important issue.
The person that you referred must use the business that we provide and the contact person that we provide him or her with. We negotiated a special prise structure with them. The business would use their advertising budget to fund the referral fees that they would pay out.
The businesses will only pay the referral fee to SA Referrals and we will then pay the person who sends the referral. By doing it this way we then have record of the payments that was made. We want happy satisfied referral agents.
If you have referral information sends it without delay.
You can get all the information on what to do and what applications to use.

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