Get Paid for Referrals

Is it true that I would get paid for referrals?

Would you like to make extra cash with no work? Yes!
You would get paid for referrals if the person that you referred makes use of our services.
Send the referral and we then send that information to a consultant or business that we have an agreement with.
The contact will then phone your referred person and arranged for a meeting to assist in providing the person with his request.
Our contact will keep us informed and once the deal is finalized the referral fee would be transferred to us.
We will then pay you the amount that is associated with the referral. SA Referrals believe that our members must get paid for referrals.

Your Information

What do the person want to buy, rent or lease?

Referral Information

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What is the needed for a referral?

First of all you must provide us with your name and surname. We also required your contact number and email address if you have one. SA Referrals must have this to contact you when we must pay you your referral fee. Payment arrange would then be make for the method of payment if it is direct in your bank account if you have one and if not we would send it to you via your phone.
The following information must be the item the person intended to buy. Provide us with as much as possible information to act on. Final step is the information of the person who wants to buy the item that you referred to. Important requirement of the name and surname, contact number and town he is from. This information is critical.

Why do you need all the referral information?

The first information is for the payment of the referral fee that must be paid to you. Item information is to establish who to refer the information to. The last information is to contact the person directly to arrange an appointment.



When can I send the referral?

If you know or hear of a person or business that is looking to buy vehicle, property or any item of high value, then it is the moment to send the information of that person or business.
Sending of the referral must happen the moment you become aware of the need this person have.
Don’t delay because if one of the people that heard this information they could send it before you and then you lose out on the money.
This is fantastic to get paid for referrals when I think of all the opportunities that I have lost.

To lose R 500 is a lot of money and just think about the stuff you could have bought.
Fill in this form below and press "Send".
We will receive an email and act on your referral without delay.

Where are SA Referrals active?

SA Referrals is currently active in Gauteng but before the end of 2020 we would be able to cover the entire South Africa. To succeed a business must start small and expand when the systems is implemented. A business like this must have all the systems in place and running to ensure that there is no major setback when we launch it all over South Africa. We currently testing the systems and some of the systems must be modified to comply with our requirements. Our focus is to have happy and satisfied members as well as the people they referred to us.

The consultants and businesses that we promote must also be rated to ensure that they provide the highest quality service and product to our clients. Those businesses that don’t comply with our standards will not be used. On this issue there is no negotiating. We are very strict with the service and products that we promote. We also contact the buyers of the products and request from them feedback about their experience.

Who can become a member of SA Referrals?

There is no limit to who may and may not be a member of SA Referrals. Young and old can be members. There are no requirements to become a member to be able to earn money for the referrals they provide us with. If you know a person or business who want to buy a high value item the best thing you can do is to register as a member and then send that information as fast as possible. Every second count because somebody could have overheard the conversation. The first person that sends the referral information in will receive the referral fee. If you are the second person you would not get any referral fee.

The terms and conditions.

Please visit the terms and condition page of the business to be familiarized about what the terms and conditions is. The payment of the referral fee is a very serious issue for us and there must be no misunderstanding about it. The referral fee can only be paid out when the business or consultant finalized the transaction. Once that is done the business or consultant will then be invoiced by SA Referrals for the referral fee and they will then pay the amount over to SA Referrals. We will then pay the member the referral fee as set by SA Referrals.

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