Referral Information

Referral Information

The Referral information that we needed is as follows.

Your personal information.

This is critical because we want to know who we deal with. We need this information because it involves money.
We need your name and surname.
Your contact numbers.
Your email address.
Your address to establish the town and suburb you are from.

The information of the referral person.

This is the contact information. We need some information on what the person is looking for.
The name and surname of the person.
The contact number of the person.
The email address if you have it.
The town or suburb he is from.


Business information.

Business information if it is a business that would like to buy or lease something. The contact person’s information is very important.
The name of the business.
The contact number of the business or person in the business.
Where the business is located.

Critical Information.

Please provide us with all the information what the person or business wants to buy or lease.
The more information the better we could be prepared when we contact the person.
Referrals is money in the pocket.

Referral information for Gauteng.

Make use of this wonderful opportunity to create an income for you.
This is what we call "money from home".
This is the easiest way to get hold of money.

Your Information

What do the person want to buy, rent or lease?

Referral Information

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