Referral of High Value Assets

Referral of Loose Assets

Referral of Loose Assets

Referral of High Value Assets

Referral of High Value Assets

Knowing a person or businesses that would looking to buy High Value Assets.
You become aware of a person or business that wants to buy specific high value asset and tells you everything you want to know.
That is why you must make use of this wonderful Referral of High Value Assets opportunity.
Act now and send that information because it could result in a referral fee that is paid to you.

You can earn from R250.00 up to R 5000.00 referral fee for the referral depends on the amount set by SA Referrals.


Your Information

What do the person want to buy, rent or lease?

Referral Information

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What is considered as High Value Assets?

High Value Assets is seen as earth moving equipment, manufacturing equipment, gold, or any item that is of high value and this include any construction work that must be done like building or renovations at a property. That is where an item cost more than R 50 000. You have a family member that retire and want to invest in a business or even buy a business. That is also seen as a high valued asset but any other high valued item must also referred.


Payment of referral fee.

Referral fees are only paid when the person or business that you referred make use of the services of the businesses that we provide to your client.

The transaction must first be finalised before any referral fees would be paid to you.
They would then pay the fee over to us and we will then pay it in your account or in person.

Fill in this form below and press "Send".
We will receive an email and act on your referral without delay.


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