Referral of person who wants to buy a business
Referral of person who wants to buy a business

Can I send a referral of person who wants to buy a business?

We a referral of person wants to buy a business that is profitable. We will provide the person that you referred with a few options that he can be able to do what your referral required. The business that we would refer would be specialists in the field your referral required. If you become aware of somebody or business that wants to buy or invest in a business then it is time to send the referral through for processing. We can pay you an R 1000.00 up to R 10 000.00 referral fee for the referral determined by SA Referrals.


Referral fees are only paid when the person that you referred make use of the services of the businesses that we provide the client for. The transaction must first be finalised before any referral fees would be paid to you. They would then pay the fee over to us and we will then pay it in your account or in person.

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