The referral action that you can be as follow.
We create a range of methods to send a referral.
We believe that we must make it as easy as possible for our agents to send their referrals.
The quicker you can send the referral the better the results would be to generate money.
Your referral action all depends on how fast you act and the cooperation of the person you referred.

How can I send a referral?

You can use the following: Sms, WhatsApp, Email, phone, or via the website.
Using a sms for sending referral.
You sms the referral information to 082 269 0210.
When sending the referral information we need critical information that we can act on.

Using the WhatsApp to 082 269 0210 would be a good way to send the referral.
When you use the WhatsApp service you would be able to notice the moment that the message was opened.
This is also a very convenience way of communication.

When you make use of the email you can provide us with all the information that we need.
You can also provide us with more information regarding the item the person wants to buy.
Don’t delay and send that referral information as soon as possible.

The mobile App: SA Referrals is not active at this stage but we are busy with it.
You can phone us on 082 269 0210 and we will assist you to ensure that you get to the person that you referred.
Send “please call me” if you don’t have any data and we will contact as soon as possible.

Methods to send referrals:

Sms to 082 269 0210
WhatsApp to 082 269 0210
Using mobile App: SA Referrals
Phone on 082 269 0210
Send "please call me" if you don’t have any data.

Your Referral Action

Your Referral Action

Your Information

What do the person want to buy, rent or lease?

Referral Information

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